Hungry People Unite


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Where I was Supposed to be

June 2010, I was supposed to have my menu complete. It's in my head but not quite the finished product on paper for shopping. I was supposed to have this menu at work and around the neighborhood, with some people from work prepaying me, to do the shopping and to deliver their meals to them. This is by the way, the neighborhood in which I reside(straying from the actual post; Burlington, by way of South Point,Ohio. Home of the 1st 37 freed slaves... lots of history here), I can still at this time, 4mnths later, on my days off, in my current Profession, working as a R/STNA(where I've garnered lots of praise for my attention to detail for the dishes that I create), can deliver their lunches to them on there lunch breaks.

In August, a birthday bash for a friend, was to bring me my 1st catering gig, because of money issues that didn't happen.

The way I had it planned, when things turned out good(me showing positive income), September was supposed to bring me tomatoes, from the profit I was to make in June. I was to then add the item, Fried Green Tomatoes, done with that @DaGrill twist, to the menu.
None of these things have happened, but that has not slowed the pace at which I am to accelerate at, once this idea does take off. The delayed startup has only given the quest time to mature, time to seek out the funding, time to gather resources, time to spread the word, time to nurture the relationship between myself and my future customers.