Hungry People Unite


Monday, March 8, 2010

Apparently I'm on to Something

Searching Msn's delish earlier I found a Beet recipe eerily similar to a dish that I created a few months  back. Some key ingriedient comparrisons, but that's where it ends. The recipe I found today, used as a dip, though I haven't searched what to use yet, I give a high-grade to. The one created by me  over this past summer was used as a base setting for a marinated, grilled T-bone. Also made with a side-dish of asparagus, touched with a glaze of the same beet sauce. And, then after a few weeks went by, the wife was craving some of the beet sauce... whipped up a batch and used as a base under a few chicken breast I had pounded out earlier that morning, after coming home slightly weary from a 16hr shift I had just pulled at work. Marinated the breast, and then later rolled up with some seasoned nufenchell? and some salt and peppered asparagus. Then hickory smoked @DaGrillWitDatFya.