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Some of my Favorite Reads

1001 Foods TO Die For:
 Where I first learned of the lychee fruit, renouned for its sweetness, one variety is even called "the imperial concubine's laugh, bein a symbol of romance as it is.The tree thrives in subtropical climates. It offers its pleasant perfume to fruit salads.

 With notes on everything mouthwatering from absinthe to zarzuela, the bill of fare is enticing and flavorful.
This compendium of delicious foods offers a new standard for gastronomes in pursuit of their next great taste experience. Take a food lovers' tour of  the streets of Indonesia, the fish soups of France, the Asian spice trail, and Hundreds of other exotic and tasty destinations. There's fascinating details about provenance and history, tips on buying ingredients, and on preperation.

 For those who think the unexamined meal is not worth eating, this book will be a feast made up of many appetizing tidbits- the best way to eat and think about food at more or less every waking moment, as many of us do. Hunger may be the best sauce, but curiosity is the indespensable seasoning. It makes any bite either start or end up with a trip to a reference book. Why are langoustines known as scampi and Norway lobster and Dublin prawns? Why is Canadian bacon called "Canadian" (and do Canadians call it something else)? The answers or a good start at them, are here.

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