Hungry People Unite


Monday, December 28, 2009

Taking an Idea and Tweaking it

With tax time just around the corner, and Springtime(as if that really matters, to a PRO that is) in the air, even though, as is evidenced by the date above, it is by all means Winter, an unusually warm Winter, but Winter nonetheless... what are your COOKOFF er, cookOut expectations for the up and coming grilling season that is 2010. With plans to go on vacation: 1) Get the family van tuned up. 2) Get those much needed tires(before the other 3 burst(I think this just became a HoneyDoList). 3) Purchase TOM TOM. 4) Plan vacation with special stop before returning home. Task three and four will be easy, considering we'll be goin' where we've been, and that Special Stop, I already know where the family wants to go, night before we leave set TOM TOM wake up and head to destination Cedar Point, somewhere- North Ohio. DTTBD
The reason for this post is to let you know that at said tax time I plan to purchase materials to build my cook space that will consist of 4 55gallon drums. Fresh thought: I think I'll take my next 3 days off to research welders, for the results you can follow here. Original plans are for finished product to be a stationary cook space, but as I've stated previously, I want to share my tasty creations with their artful-flares, with the world... that stationary shit's for the feeble minded. The welder will come into play when barrels are set, to tweak the inside a bit. I'll keep you posted and update you a few weeks in advance to Cedar Point. Then you can set your weekend to be there or have someone stop by for you. Meal yet to be planned. I ain't about to build this BIG BASTARD for nothin', I'ma have food for purchase... keep following I'm sure to whet ya appetite. And if you don't come to try my wife's potato salad, well then this whole idea is your loss, I ain't playin' I know what it taste like. For a price you should want to also. BYOLR.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Wife and I Have Wanted for Years

To see the up and coming EPIC Battle of the Iron Chefs on Food NetWork. I can't wait to see ya man Emeril in the heat of Kitchen Stadium... I can only hope for this to be the start of something great for the flavors that can be explored in the world of cuisine. This is going to be a battle for the ages! Sittin back and takin note, I've already set it to record on the PVR. The KINGS do battle.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Making a Complaint

When I was younger, I didn't care nearly as much as I do now, mainly due to the lack of toppings I used, the size of the hot dog bun was suffice. It could hold a dog a squirt or two of catsup(ketchup) and a little mustard and for those daring enough, a slice of cheese.
Ultimately we all grow up, and so do our taste buds... I believe the hot dog bun should have grown with us, the best attempt so far is the split top bun, but pales in comparison to what it actually is I'm looking for. Regular bread slices seem to have shrunk down to nothing, to the point to where trying to build a sandwich out of sliced dogs, has become more in need of a degree in architecture.
I propose a split top bun(the bottom is made for stability), but the overall concept needs to be a gourmet style bun with room to house the dog itself, made one of at least four different ways: boiled in water or your favorite beer, grilled, fried or steamed, and topped with various ingredients: onions raw or sauteed, pickle relish, cole-slaw, bacon slices or pieces, banana peppers, cheese, sauerkraut, ketchup, mustard and hot dog sauce(I test exclusively with sauce made with that @DaGrill flair.)
What is your best way to put away a hot dog?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Where My Plans are to Take Me

I want to feed the nation, I've started locally, by cooking for special events at work(I'll accept this task 100% of the time), some of you know, and for those that don't, let me stress the issue, "I WANT TO BRING MY FAMILY DINNERS TO YOUR TABLE!!" I'm steady branchin' out to different corners of the Internet:break for a few to gather me another BBQ chicken sandwich I just made... Okay I'm back. To those who know I ain't playin' when I say this sandwich is bangin', I've garnered high remarks for my Souls Inspirations, taste I want to share with the world. My wife just ran a couple of sandwiches to my mother-in-law, Susan, and just got that "TASTY" text, as I finished off my 2nd go round. If you plan to visit, on the main page one of the first things you'll see is a paypal link that is set and raring to go... the link is ready only in need of some item updates and the kitchen, well the kitchen lacks every item to be sold... I'm a small operation lacking any capital, if only desire could fund and equip the goals and aspirations, I'd be sittin on top of the world.
That's where the idea for the next part of the idea comes in to play... with the final concept to reduce my overall grocery bill as is evidenced by the action I've taken in purchasing the start up of my own worm farm. You can view these results via searching tomorrowsinneris. With plans to purchase at least 2 more bins this tax time, the only resource from here I lack is a means to actually ship out the finished product that is the vermipost. However I am close to finding a suitable enough container(plastic bags) from what I believe a reputable online company in bio-bags, at

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


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