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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Change Your Mood

Foods that Promote Happiness

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Flavor Tour coming 2011

Where Shopping Is A Winning Experience!

Where Shopping Is A Winning Experience!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

TagCrowd - SEO Help

Again from the pages of Website Magazine, TagCrowd - make your own tag cloud from any text. Increase your page ranking.

Moonshine goes mainstream with ‘micro-distilleries’

With flavors like Apple Pie, which taste exceptional,Check out this great MSN video: Moonshine goes mainstream with ‘micro-distilleries’

Kitchen Seduction

Kitchen Seduction

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Would like to say hello to the world, and direct you to

50 Top Solutions to Optimize the Social Media Experience

I've been receiving in the mail now for about 2 1/2yrs, this GREAT publication that is Website Magazine. Over the course of the time I've spent scouring the pages of this fine material, I come across pertinent information, steps I plan on taking over the next several weeks(if time need be) to implement into my own plan... which are at this time, to get out to as many platforms on the web and direct you back to here,(dagrill). I am planning to come to you, wherever there's an event that you're attending, I'll be just down the block.

Social media marketing, as a method of creating true user engagement, remains an elusive goal. Success does not come easy on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere- particularily for those without a plan. If you have one, I'm bringing you this post as a MEANS to Help You. I'm learning here too, I just got this issue a few days ago, so all this is on the fly.

The reality is that most businesses don't have a plan and don't invest in the many powerful platformed-based solutions, for the rich social media experience. This I bring you will change all that by profling 50 of the most prominent solutions at the ready to help improve your social media experience and that of your audience.

I've ventured to a few of the sites already, sites that drew me in with just a name. 24th on the list and my first choice, was The reason I think I chose this one it was outlined in black which made it look like it had just passed the .500 mark on the list. This, I consider my being in the right place at the right time. One I'm researching now is objective marketer, and this, is how it works. It looks promising. I'll be back over the next few days posting as I see fit... some will follow further in the future, when the budget allows.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tonight I'm man@DAGrill

Chicken been marinating now some 52hrs., lol, not  neccesarily to impart flavor, but yesterday, the wife made spaghetti, I marinated the chicken the night before, as a just in case she didn't feel like doing the cooking herself. Well grills hot, BRB... 5 minutes later,  The chicken is grilling, the aroma has got the neighbors asking questions.. LOL, Herbie, there may be a piece to offer. Tonight's offering will be a Grilled Chicken Salad. I should update later with pics, will I!!? is the bigger question. We'll see... plus, I'm workin' on a surprise(my recipe collection), to be donned at a later d-n-t.; (ICE BREAKER) It is a new Page, perhaps the early writing's of my cookbook.

To Be Added to the Collection(some already owned)

The Best Cook Books of All Time - New York - Slideshows

Monday, January 17, 2011

It may be the end of bananas (as we know them) - Food on Shine

It may be the end of bananas (as we know them) - Food on Shine

Different Venues You Can Find Me In

You can inquire about me in my food dealings, through various formats via this vast sea of information we call the internet. First and foremost if you're attatched to Facebook, you can find me via my fanpage @DaGrillWitDatFya. For where I am at this stage in my startup, I'm happy with the fanbase I connect with. Some of my fanbase(those who have tasted the creations), are happy their tatsebuds are connected to those creations. I can also be found via the platform twitter at Can be found via hotmail at,, and

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Iron Chef America

The last time I was this excited about an episode, Emeril Lagasse was preparing to do battle. I had forever wanted to see him in that setting. Now, it's network vs. network when Cooking Channel host Chuck Hughes uses his "Day Off"(pilot show of the channel) to enter into battle at Kitchen Stadium. Will Iron Chef Bobby Flay defend the honor of the Chairman, or will the new kid on the block take him down?

Learn which are the top energy foods at

Learn which are the top energy foods at

8 Tricks for Boosting Your Metabolism - Healthy Living on Shine

8 Tricks for Boosting Your Metabolism - Healthy Living on Shine