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Monday, August 30, 2010

The Coming New Year Will Bring Brighter Things...

The plan, now 3yrs old, is coming to a culmination. My ideas of the past year have blossomed, and I tell you it's by the grace of God that this happened, or else come this year, I'd prolly still been stuck in last years rut. Last year was but a  mere dream, this year, I'ma latch on like kung-fu grip. I've got a Plan, I've got the Credentials and this year, I've got the financial backing. I now walk with a restored since of purpose. If you've seen or heard of the Cooking Channel,, then you more than likely are a fan on their facebook page, and should be  aware of the ice cream truck that's been going long distances for exposure, I plan to take this same route at least a couple of times. I've got the craziest marketing scheme in place. Free advertising and maybe a spot on the evening news, on all four local channels. I'll tell you it has to deal with a police scanner and a high stakes crime scene.(This idea caused me to change the name of the L.L.C. I have planned)
This Year at tax time, I plan no weird purchase of chicken coupes and such. I'm thinkin' on payin down some debts. Right before I plan to go on this truck route, if I have to out of this money I am to receive, I will pay down the remaining debt if any, that's hindering me from obtaining any loans for the equipment I plan to obtain, with the money I plan to front it with. If in account I hafta relocate in order to obtain said loan(not the money that is already coming to me), but with the money coming to me that is also already covered.
Expect more updates more quickly and more frequently in the near future... in the past year more on the side than anything in some spare time, I've become more creative. Not in any plan, that most of you are aware of, but one that is known by only a  select hands few. I've now ventured into writing my own recipes, the one I will leave you with, it'll give you a sence of what I'm about. Seared Scallops w/Chorizo and Rosted Radish stew. Let this marinate in your mind and whet your appetite, and when I come to your neighborhood, just ask for a batch.

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