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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My (Next) New Desire!!

I am a BIG lover of flavor, and love delving into the exotic realm my taste buds take me. Certain flavors and hues, of spices and the magic they perform on any presentation, just draw me in, mouth already watering from the aromas that have been lingering in the air. This morning, I saw an episode of Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern, a slightly unique individual, who has blessed us with his presence, and awkward(oh, and knowledgeable) look into the culinary world. The episode featured none other than the man himself, Iron Chef  Masaharu Morimoto. I think that was sort of a surprise for television, sort of a Tyler dines with Rachel if you will. Anywho, back to  the show, the particular reason for the stop was  and Andrews first response(not seen here) had me hooked. Awaiting my turn to try it. That may take some time. I'm thinking somehow get a hold of Morimoto, for preparation for a price, and I create the final dish. Stay tuned it'll be a lil' while longer, but closer than what you think. After setup in my resident city, and I seek the will to travel to DC, you know, To Holla at OBAMA, I will stop at Morimots', more than likely on the way back home from the Whitehouse lawn... that's as far as I wanna go. Well nose through the Garden.

Update since this morning, I visited the travel channels website and found Andrews' video diary , you'll still hafta see a replay of the show to see his actuall reaction to the dish, that to my surprise was ranked number 3 during his Pennsylvania trip.

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