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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Things Change

Back in January, after a 20 year hiatus(did a few college stints), I once again returned to the college way of life... books, professors, studying and all. But, just as quick as I started, once again it is over, mainly due to the fact I can not receive my G.I. Bill, which meant about $749(re-enlisted, prior service kicker bonus) a month gone. With bill piling up around the house I had no choice but to quit. Plus, I am too close to my goal of opening the doors of my cooking/catering company, that school just became not that important to me. Soon, I should have in my possession my business license, legal to make sales damn near when and wherever I can. Look for me to take this venture dotcom around this same time also. Oh, this pic is of the beginning of my menu which is near completion.

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