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Saturday, July 28, 2012

I can not stand I will not eat vegetable soup(text I sent my cousin and a friend)

I have never in my life liked the taste of vegetable soup. I for whatever reason really do not like the taste of mixed vegetables(peas, carrots, corn, green beans), as one component. Seperatly, I will devour them, with the exception of peas, which the only way I will eat them, is for the most part, pea salad. Add meat to the pot, and I will eat that, leaving behind the vegetables, and also the broth, which to me is slightly bitter(rewind July 28th, how a complete and total accident became one of the most flavorful dishes ever, and really cemented my foundation as a bonafied cook).
I have been planning this post since the night I made the soup, but my account had been messed up, due to me resetting my phone. I was going to take a pic of a spoonful of soup, and tell you if you didn't like vegetable soup, then that bite would change your life forever. It did mine, hell I can hardly wait til the next time I'm set to make the dish... my new Fall lineup lmBao. The reason it was an accident, I was 100% going for beef stew, my wife pulled out the veggies, I pulled out a can of tomatoes, that's where it all got convaluted. The treatment of the meat before hand, really set this dish apart from all other varieties of this acclaimed pot of soup. I seasoned and seared off the meat, then braised for a bit, reducing the liquid, then adding more in, and added the vegetables.Once it all came together, and simmered for awhile, I tasted the broth. Believe you me, I knew from that one sip, I had a winner, it literally brought a tear to my eye, threw my tasting spoon to the sink, and thanked God for this skill set and this direction he is leading me in... these are the flavors I want to share with the world. The smokiness was on point.

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