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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cooking is Sooo My Future

Monday night while working my double shift, it was meal planning time, not a potluck session, just our average everyday buying frenzy, from the super four(who's open? What are they servin?), normally we have the choice of McDonalds, Wendys, Taco Bell or Wal-Mart. Most of you should know by now my plans to get rollin'(literally and figuratively) in the food industry. (Break from the thought of the original post, focus is last statement: I had a thought the other day for a new blog, entitled, YestRde', tagline I had an idea, alas today I still don't have da money.) In other words, I'm still at work for the man, which means I am not for myself at the moment. This is the long drawn out process I had explained previously, on another blog, via the Ning network. Anyway, it just so happens that an old restaurant opened back up under what I can only assume, is new management. The old place, Dwight's, have no clue what was on the menu only by hearsay, the new place, Number 1 Kitchen(who soon will hafta come up with a new name) offering Chinese, offers free delivery for just a purchase of $10.00, from Huntington, WV, I live and work in South Point, OH. Maybe, by now you are bright enough to have deduced from the title, and with all the hooplah surrounding the choice for our coming meal, that I am writing of fortune cookies, I recieved two for my order, both of which were stuffed in my pockets til later. The first one opened read "You are soon going to change your present line of work." It gave me the giggles lol, for I am sensitve to things of this nature. I put it in my pocket shivering with excitement, only to pull it out and show to my cousin, Jeremy, who also got a laugh. he knows what's up. The second fortune, opened about twenty five minutes later, dejafreakinvue, eerilly read "You will make changes for the better." I instantly showed this to Jeremy, who said "Those couldn't have been no better, if by only mentioning food." I told you in my post for entry into the Marx Foods competition, that I immerse myself in all things food, I am prepping for my first day of operation, on the name change for what is now Number One Kitchen, I'll play nice, and let them keep the name, I'll let the customers do the talking for the food that shines through.

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  1. Monday, January 10th, another night of chinese delivery. Yes I'm bout to speak on fortune cookies which weren't open til Thursday the 13th. The 3rd fortune in this update read "You are sociable and entertaining", anyone who knows my passion for food knows it's always on mind, I love showcasing during potlucks. The fourth "Yoou will be unusually successful in business."