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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sometimes Culinary Life Can be a Mess.

Don't get me wrong I ain't speaking of a disastrous meal, from the grill(or kitchen for that matter), the flavor is always on point. Reflection: I haven't always been this *Brilliant* in the technique, or execution of the proper times, in cooking certain meats, but again, I've worked out the kinks, and the shit is ready for it's debut... Trust Me, I say this wholeheartedly!! So, if no flaws in the kitchen, then, I must be speaking of @DaGrills finances, Nope, not this time, I'm on a totally different subject. This time I'm talking about in truth, the lack of materials, produce to be exact. I've been craving for the past nine(9) months or so, homemade potato cakes. We can eat mashed potatoes twice a week, but at the end of the meal, no leftover MP's. I've had all items to make the potato cake itself, if only I had made extra. Well last night's meal, I had done just that, wound up with enough leftovers to finally produce the next tongue tingling sensation. DAMMIT!!! yesterday's breakfast consisted of the last three eggs, for a pretty tasteful scrambled egg sandwich. So, this post remains  in an unfinished mess, but just know, I've had time to contemplate the exact flavors the dish will impart. Out of all the foods I've planned before this meal, this may just have the luxury of being the first recipe posted. I guess since curiosity's got the best of you, you'll have to check back for an update... my craving is getting the best of me, it won't be long.

What's funny is, I had this thought all while rekindling the love I once had with hand washing the dishes. I just remembered, it always gave me time to be by myself(that involved work, nobody wants to be around that). It also made me think(thought of for a few months, I knew my dishwashers life was coming to it's demise lol), I know that with business, especially in food, there's always clean-up, I might as well get used to it, wouldn't hire anyone in and make them do it, if I wouldn't myself.

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