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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's Not by Skill Set Alone, that I'm More than Qualified.

Not only am I chasing down my dream to one day bring you my concessions, but It's something since my early years in the workforce, that I've studied and prepped, no play on words here, for more than half my life.

Like many a foodie, I've had the grimiest of jobs in the fast food industry. The last of which came just as my work history, and my career goals were about to change. I'd had about enough of working and not making it financially, and still struggling to make ends meet. I had succeded in reaching a management position, only made it as far as a Crew Leader, for the company we know as children love, and aspire to work for( unless, lol, you're cut from a different cloth), McDonald's. I, along with my wife achieved this milestone, really just mere weeks, before that dreadful change in our career choices, by first applying for a class that was paying more per hour, than our current jobs, attending said class, then going and testing before the state, and passing one two part test to become State Tested Nursing Assistants. The class paid more, the Job field most defiantly, was going to be a goldmind.

I'd been planning to write this post in an entirely different light, entitled "Cleanliness Begets Safety", in large part due to my OCD with hand washing(the pic of my hand is the consequences of too much handwashing, as was explained to me "too much moisture"), in direct relation to my current employment status, and carried over from working and excelling, in the restaurant business... working and making money, for other business owners. And in order to achieve that management position I spoke of earlier, I had to take the coveted exam SERVESAFE, of which the certificate, is in a box as of right now, because of the move I should be making by week's end. Yes, the reason for the title change lies deep in the sole possession of said exam certificate, I'm a few steps ahead of the game. I've done my research, in the state of Ohio, of which I reside, that's all a man needs, Oh, and to take the exam in a classroom setting, instantaneously giving a lifetime pass vs. taking on the internet with the option of retaking every five years, or closing the doors to what one would hope to be a successful business venture... I'm telling you that along with my kitchen arsenal, I've more than got the credentials to bring you safe, satisfying meals... PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS, MAKE YOUR BELLY HAPPY!!!

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