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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Perks of Bein in the Biz.

Before I moved to the illustrious kitchen I reside in now, oops!! home, a neighbor, Carl Glerum,from the apt. complex sold me on his sauce. I bought a jar for a modest fee, a few days after tastin' a small spoonfull. Comfortable with the flavor, he thought was going to make me bow in defeat from the "INTENSE" heat... he didn't know me that well, I mean he' s seen me @DaGrill, but I've failed to give him a sample, extras were always Herbies'  pickin's. I'm 100% positive this would have a few people floored and flustered. Also that flavor has had my tounge and my brain goin' into hyperdrive(tongue from withdrall), and it's got me thinking something Fishy. Hell, as the way I see it, this may be the only product outsourced, aside from the cooking liquors. And until I'm ready the meats will be procured, I'm almost positive from within the tristate.

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