Hungry People Unite


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tonight I'm Goin H.A.M on some Pork Chops! And another interesting Detail.

Flavor compounded massage oiled and would have loved to have been at the grill, but tonight I'm in the kitchen.
And Yes, the small pan inside the spice isle, is shown on purpose, it's Bacon grease, the oil part of the equation.

Inside of all this is more than cooking, I'm planning more than just the use of store bought ingredients.I walked the yard today scoping out the use of four nice sized plots one I figure on being around 547.5 square feet, and probably the second largest of the four, all while allowing, Stephanie, my wife, the use of what she plans with the yard. I'm talking Garden space, and the Good Lord willing, get in good with some of the neighbors, a few chicken coops... FREE EGGS FOR EVERYBODY!!!

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