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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Not Too Much More Larger Than This

I'm using this growing season as a learning experience, not for any failed planting, the vegetation looks amazing. The bed itself is not where I want it to be in size, yet, only because the yard itself is heavily covered with very thick roots, a problem I hadn't planned on before digging, mainly because the trees in my yard are so widely spaced. The time I've saved not digging, I've turned into study time. Reading everything I can on gardening how tos(open pollenation of tomatoes), to the ins and outs of starting early to extending the season... my thumb and my mind are getting greener by the minute.

Tax time is fast approaching, and before the next planting season, everything should be in order. I am in desparate need of some heavy equipment, stump and root grinders, for which I've researched a few of my local tool rental companies, a tiller which I will purchase, more than likely the Mantis, and I'll prolly go in heavy with some top soil additives, though from the looks of things, I may not have to, as I said, the vegetation is doing quite well, I believe in large part due to the addition of most of the vermipost I had on hand. I'll see where this crop takes me and with newly acquired knowledge, by this time next year(don't forget, I also moved here after the beginning of the growing season), I should have more than triple this years plants. And with plans to purchase a couple more worm bins, the stalks and leaves and the vegetation that doesn't quite make it, will make compost.

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