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Monday, February 27, 2012

Change is Comin'

Inside the next four and a half months(I will be due some vacation pay), I am planning the purchase of a few items to start selling. My cousin, Jeremy, forced me into this option, lol, by making me open up my mind. People will soon be driving by, going to little league games and practices, the everyday trips to Leo's, the community liquor store just down the road, the laundry, hell, I plan to divert their attention on their way to Giovannis'.
Last summer, just a few short months residing in our newly purchased(well, acquired) home, I did a lot of cooking on the back porch. I, never hindered by the weather, will use my grill in the dead of winter, so, my grill gets a lot of use. The porch, is mainly for family meals, when I recieve said extra funds, I pull my grill to the front yard, and invite all passers-by, the opppurtunity to stop. Jay Downs, your free pulled pork sandwich is top priority, just bring more people and some extra cash.

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