Hungry People Unite


Sunday, March 13, 2011

If you noticed my post from earlier,

and are now at the brink of pulling your hair out in anticipation,the meal I have in mind for tonight is Beef Tinga. This will be the second meal I get to create in my newly acquired Cast Iron Dutch Oven from none other than Lodge. The 1st was a pot of what turned out to be an amazing bowl of beans. That night, I hadn't yet received the mobile platform I'm coming to you now from, so I couldn't bring you the pics I plan to bring you later tonight. I've struggled within myself on what was the first meal I was going to showcase my love of food with. Well that conflict is over, and the new page I wrote of a few post back,if all goes right, should be donned as well. Later, I will bring you a couple of pics of the beef being prepped.

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