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Monday, March 21, 2011

Last Post has me Reflecting on Tonights Dinner.

I went to sleep last night with visions of how the soup I was already planning to make was going to turn out. Because of time constraints I run a later shift than most(I've often stated I am a night owl, Ill be up with the Taco Bell crouds... you know the drunkards lol, those are my peeps!!!!) Anyway sometimes my kids don't get to taste the full effect of what I am offering, meaning school night, almost bedtime, the basics to the meal were complete... a superb meal was provided, but I started the dish with time already working against me, so the dish which was succesful, and pleased my pallet, in my mind though, I failed to present the ingredients I had planned to use to push that flavor higher over the top. Where I was planning to go, I didn't get. But here Ill post to you what I was thinking, so that when you follow this journey you can try it and speak of your experiences.
By now you're probably wondering what soup could possibly stir ones desires. Well tonights feature dish is Chicken Noodle Soup. Mind you, that was supposed to be  Chicken Noodle Soup w/ Chorizo and Mushrooms. Garnish if desired w/ Roasted Red Peppers, all which can be served over a risotto(without noodle). Plus this will be more of a thicker stew than what is a soup(artist prefernce), as the stock is boiled down to a nice liquid gravy. Just came downstairs to make the baby a bowl of cereal so here's a pic of what is tomorrows lunch at work durring my first shift. After a lil fluff work, I dug up a couple of pieces of chicken to showcase... it has been packaged for tomorrows lil trip to work and settled in the fridge for a few hours now. I'm still working on my color chart, I like my actuall shots.

2lbs. Chicken legs boiled along with 2tsp. of yellow mustard, S&P to taste, 3TBLS. of a spiced flavor enhancer, I succeeded with Webers Kick'N Chicken seasoning, 1 1/2 cups sliced carrots, 2 large celery sticks, and 1 medium red onion diced,about 30 minutes. Pull chicken from water,leaving water to boil. Allow chicken to cool to touch to pull meat from bone. Discard skin and bone and grissle. Add meat back to stock
(chorizo/mushroom mixture), which at this time I added a can of Rotels' diced tomatoes w/ diced green chilies and your choice of noodle(if not using risotto), add 2TBLS minced parsley, and boil to your desired consistency.
Aside from the skin and bone, the soup is never strained. You can add a lil butter at either stanza of the meal, which honestly, I forgot, and hadn't remembered til just now that I had planned it this way, and still amassed great flavor.

If I had had the sausage(chorizo), ready it would have been rolled into small meatballs using about 5 1/2oz. fried until almost done with the last few minutes sauteeing the mushrooms in the chorizo oils. Finely garnish with freshly roasted red peppers, and ladle over risotto(if not using noodle). Serve with crackers or corn chips.

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