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Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Never Met a Chicken I Didn't Like

Yesterday I brought you footage of another family and fan favorite,  and the beginning step of of what I call my defining moment, of where I was sure I was heading with this venture. If the title of the post doesn't make it stand out the meal once again deals with chicken. You know how many different ways there are to make a chicken, that's one lengthy subject, one I'm happy to say I have extensive knowledge in. On this very moment,  they are having technical difficulties on some level, when I can video will be posted. You can go there and search oughdahinge, video not yet titled... that's the technical problem they face at the moment. Soon I will integrate to still images, as soon as I can invest in a Memory card for my JVC Everio, that I obtained because of the Bond my granny left me. But that in itself is a whole nother story... some of you have prolly seen a time or two. When posted, and you see the steps I go through to prepare this meal, the one thing I want you to notice is the mimicry I use in the building of my flavors, and the prep performed to get the desired final results.

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