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Friday, January 15, 2010

It's in the Sink Thawing right now.

A 9lb pork picnic shoulder. In a couple of days time it will be headed to the grill, you know, where I got the fire. Items purchased this date to complete this meal are charcoal, starter fluid, and both Hickory and Mesquite wood chunks. Tonight I have to work it's my next double day, so when I get home what will be Saturday Morning, it'll be time to marinate, upon which time I will post video with marinade recipe. Once I build my smoker this will be my competition style produced meat. One that after my vacation this year unless we got plans to just travel to certain Travel Destinations which would  be a nice change of pace. I've already told an established steak house dining facility, when I'm in the house, they will know it as I provide for them EXPOSURE. You may see me use the term exposure an awful lot, to me that exposure is my Associations, which ironically is my other page My passion for food runs deep and I'm spreading that message across the Internet, when ready, via the post office, items of 70lbs. or less, so please only 1 baby suckling pig per order, by request of  @DaGrillWitDatFya, which is so laughyaassofffunny. Why? you ask, cause it ain't even on the menu yet, but it is where I want to go.
Okay, I keep mentioning where I want to go, I think it's time I explain myself some. This may be your first time seeing this information or if you've followed me to this point and you've put 2 and 2 together, then know that I have a worm farm. The reason being, first and foremost is to grow my own vegetables, lower my overall grocery bill enabling me to pour in more of money to the cuts of meats it is I am planning to bring. One item could've mentioned in my last post is a pressure cooker for canning the veggies and making available for sale. If you haven't seen my wigglers in action then know the produce I procure is going to be nothing short of amazing. Everything I will grow, will be everything the worms have eaten in there 2 1/2 year existence in my world. Precise, deliberate moves, all to bring you what's nice in the world of foods.

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  1. You know it's on the grill, videos and recipe to be posted at a later date come sometime Monday-Thursday.