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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Scccccrrrrt!! Change of Plans.

I'm reversing the course of action for the last two(2) ideas posted, chicken coop this year with the competition smoker coming next year, or sooner, depending on where the chickens, and their eggs take me. Already looking to acquire an incubator along with the chicken coops in an effort to maximize my earning potential in this food venture. Again, the purchase is an attempt to decrease my overall grocery bill, and increase the egg dishes(lol) I can create for you. I was dead set on building my smoker this year for the simple fact I'm without and have been for four(4) yrs. now an actual oven in the kitchen, but somethings became clear upon doing more research.
If I had done the smoker now, that would've been all fine and dandy, I'd have my Ultimate cooking surface... with one draw back, nothing but the food I receive now to cook with, nothing much with which to share with You. Would've had to wait 'til next year to purchase chicken coops, and chickens, waiting yet another year to get the chickens competition worthy. You follow me yet? Going in my new direction purchasing my coops and chickens now, I will decrease my time to enter into competition from 2yrs to 1. I can now start my egg production to sell for profit, I can in time take chickens to slaughter, and package for sale to whomever... now is where I had the epiphany in restructuring my whole train of thought. When you enter into most competitions, you are there for entering into into four(4) courses: 1st is chicken, 2nd is ribs, 3rd is like shoulders and butts, and the 4th is brisketts. For the three items that I don't have, my plan is to be able to raise enough chicken to be able to barter and trade with some local butchers... only, local to me is the tri-state of Huntington, WV, Ashland, KY. and Ironton, OH. all close to the heart of what is, Amish Country. Plus I've got my fingers crossed in hopes that purchasing the ckickens will open the eyes of the grant approving official.

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