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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One Myth DeBunked

My Own Myth Busting Session- Everyone from top food critics to those we consider kitchen legends, have all spoke on the topic of cookin' with alcohol, or for this particular post, I'm pointing out the bold fruity flavors of wine. If you don't like it as drink don't cook with it... I can't stand the stuff myself, I've tried it chilled and at room temps of various degrees, and wine is the one alcoholic beverage that does not agree with my pallet. When I drink though I look for something refreshing for meals and something exciting for social events which for me means I start every occasion with an Amaretto Sour and a Corona with a lemon. Now I had a bottle of Chianti sitting around for like 1 1/2 years because I couldn't get past the taste... one day I decided to kick up the flavor of a pot of stew and that's when I realized all those before me I think are slightly off there rockers in their thinking, because the flavors of that meal in particular were nothing short of amazing. Meal time for me is a time to be able to relish in the abundant flavors one can create... findings substantiated FALSE.

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