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Monday, November 22, 2010

Cook's Illustrated Magazine Subscription: A Poor mans Culinary Institute

This, Cook's Illustrated Magazine Subscription - Magazine Subscriptions, is definitely in my list of things to purchase at tax time. I am planning to use the 18yr longevity of the show to guide and gauge, my own kitchen experience. Sitting here now looking at a magazine, and this is one of the only magazines I've seen that is totally dedicated to its craft. It deals with all things food, from tips and techniques, to product reviews of the best kitchen gadgets, that will aid you in your endeavors. I don't see one stray add for anything that has nothing to do with what the magazine is not about. I've only recently came across the show that is Americas Test Kitchen, and really like the attention to detail they give to a meal. By now, you may have noticed, I plan a lot of things according to what I can do around tax time. I don't come from money so I'm always looking for a better deal. I'm not sure of the actuall cost of attending Culinary School, and I have seen a few classes around town that are a few hundred dollars, for a coulpe of training days, but at just over $300, it is I would venter to say, a good $20,000 less than said Culinary Institute. 18yrs experience at my beckon call to view and study as I see fit, is well worth the purchase.

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