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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Iron Foodie 2010 Foodie Blogroll Challenge

For a couple of different reasons I am going to enter my name into this competition. First and foremost, this is the 1st of its kind, who wouldn't want to be the first "CHAMPION". Secondly, I'm not venturing down this path of culinary bliss for nothing, inside me there's a beast ready to be unleashed on the world of cooking, so if this is the avenue I must take to get my name out there to prove my worth then so be it.

I researched a couple of the Chefs(I knew of Julia, and James though I didn't know he had passed, because his name is still so prominent), and came to the conclusion that barring how bilingual I would have to be, Ferran Adrin, is the one I would love to spend the day with. Again, going back to the point of me proving my worth in the industry, I've never made a meal that anyone left from in disgust, for me to please his pallet would be an honor. It said he picked up tips in his early days of becoming the success he is today, and I know myself, there are still things for me to learn, more presentation than anything, who better to learn from than the best there is. The one question I would have for him is how someone of his stature has managed to steer clear of his own television program... at least until today his name had eluded me.

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If we were eating a meal together and you just happened to have it in your meal, and you turned your back on me lol, you would be minus a slice of ham when you returned to your plate. Breakfast, I would hit you up for bacon, there's never enough to go around.

The meal I eat today that brings back memories of my youth is Pigs-in-a-blanket. Now with so many options in the market today with all the gourmet dogs and sausages and cheeses, the adult versions of my childhood fave, just thinking of the endless possibilities is making my mouth water writing this. BRB!!! lol.

Let me say here, that again because of the path I am taking down this culinary road, my pallet is open to all sorts of "Good Eats". In my childhood existence I was very extremely picky. I've said it time and time again that I believe your tastebuds grow and mature with you as you age, here I will bring to light my claims of this. The first food I came to love that I didn't previously like befor was the onion, in its raw form. I remember working for the fast food chain Rally's, when that experience changed my very being. It's not like I would turn my nose up to people who would eat them, at this point I had put them on hundreds,  Hell, tens of thousands, of sandwiches, and then one day the smell became intriguing, so for lunch that day, the meal I ordered had onions on the burger, and guess what, I'm still alive, it didn't kill me. Now nearly every meal I eat has some form intertwined. Green peppers where the next obstacle I overcame, though I still sometimes shy away from them and opt more for red or yellow, those roasted flavors are melt in my mouth beautiful. And finally just a little over a year ago I overcame the fear of the radish, and if you've followed me to this point, you know that I am soon going to create a Roasted Radish Vinaigrette, that fear has subsided. So to end this the food I am still not convinced belongs on any plate, and I believe is more of a condiment are Capers... NASTY.


  1. Great answers! Good luck in the challenge. I hope we're both in the top 25!!! have a new follower and a fellow "pigs in a blanket" fan!

  2. I had noticed earlier my followers had increaded 1, thnX @Rebecka, and good luck to you also.

  3. You know by now a msg stating "A package to your door should soon arrive" would be nice lol.