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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Earlier Today I Recieved Some Disturbing News...

in fact I'm still smh. My landlord, who recently with his dad and wife, bought into a local pizza joint, one fairly more popular than the one I was(and am AGAIN) planning to acquire, but for a totally different reason than before, has already sold out for a whopping $7,500(this is not a misprint). I hadn't really established an other than paying him his rent due every month type relationship, so hadn't really spoke to either of them about the road I'm taking to get MAS-transit off the ground. This information, instantly took me back to my original plan of getting the $2,000 from my mom for food, she is my financial backer, to take this farther than just the words in these posts. Offering a land contract, I could have paid the said $7,500 off in realistically 4mnths., with the potential to have shown a positive income, to be able to obtain bigger and better in the very short time frame I know it is going to take for me to succeeed at this venture... just by word of mouth of current co-workers who are promising me 1st sells, not counting the ones who have ate something and are willing to pay me also. Just off my recent post of a planned meal, I stand to make a quick $32 and get to partake in the festivities and take a  plate for my wife, plus a new roaster(the handle just broke today, off the one I had planned to use). Just know my plan is set in stone, once the finances are procured, the world will slowly start to chant the saying "Man, I ate  @DaGrill, and OH!!! the cook, he had dat fya"

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