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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Two Weeks ago I met a Purveyor of meats...

I didn't peep the goods so I won't call it fine foods just yet. Just took the garbage out, and tonights rainy weather made me think of this post. His assistant knocked on my door, I began to tell him first, after he told me the reason of his visit, where I'm headed, how to find me on Facebook, and then I met the man himself. Gary promised to cut me deals on his goods, I sorta made a promise to bring him constant business upon opening said business(remember, to this day I've yet to view the meats). he proceeded to tell  me he and his wife were once in the concession business, and it's very lucrative lifestyle, if willing to put forth the work. Then with my words of encourgement, he had a moment of clarity. He had asked me what I was gettin ready to make, I quickly answered everything, to which he felt obligated to tell me I had to focus on a few foods.His moment of clarity  came when I explained to him the size and ammenities of the concession trailor.

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