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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm Not Juss Talkin' Bout it, I'm Bein' About It.

Extra Space, Means Extra Produce. Extra produce means, Extra Meals I can prepare gardenfresh, for you daily. I'm buyin' 'em as I see 'em, cause I'm not afraid to use 'em. All aspects of a meal, I've told you, I will have hands in, though Alex's Super Sandwich thingy, may appear on the menu, and you should already know my plans, for Stephanies' potatoe salad to place as my top billin' side, to my "Almost Award Winning... Oh, It's Never been Entered Before Sauce!! Everything I plan to bring you has already garnered a small local following, consisting mostly of coworkers and a few neighbors from the old apartment complex, and it's surrounding areas. I'm friends with the Huntington Ribfest, Huntington, WV. via Facebook. I've asked them a few times now, how someone of my stature can get in on the festivities, they've yet to divulge any pertinent information, for fear, I believe of me comin in and knockin off all the big boys of the game. I've touted from the first time I asked, that I'm a garaunteed money winner, and the way all of my so called guinea pigs rant and rave over meals I've shared with them, I'm gunnin for the top spot.

What makes me so confident in my claims? We have 52 states and only 5 Texas, Tennessee, Missouri and the Carolinas are considered the BBQ capitals. Well, I'm from Tennessee, I love the Carolinas, and I know all there secrets, and for that fact I believe they fear lil ol' me. I reside in the state of Ohio, and I will make it a known capital of BBQ.

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