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Monday, June 13, 2011

A Lil' Sumtn I'm Workin on... This One Will Surprise You!! OOOH SHIT!!!

I be spittin rhyme silly flows Ocean like Billys, I dont kicks em freestyle I put my thoughts into em Really. I hit da beat hard like I punted an kicked you in da balls, it may take me a few to pen em but really wit no flaws. I spit slang wit country draws spit flame at all the frauds, your style is really feeble You really want War My Dawgs. Yeah, these are rhymes I write so as I bring 'em to you right, I'll have you walkin wit ya head down, surrendered from da fight. I be ballin' wit da winnin's flash cash for all da womens, do it at da motel cant stain mi casas' linens. I come with a different kind of fire it will leave you singed, You should know that I'll be ready should you seek out revenge. This was juss a warnin shot the next is cocked an ready, no prints left at the scene I came in did it steady.

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