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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Late Night Workin' in the Garden. Plus I released the underground.

You know now from yesterday's post, the ground work is now underway. Today, I had my eldest son, Kyler, begin the moving of the dirt to the tarp. In my philosophy of work smart, not hard, I also joined in... my volonteers, readily chippin' in. In the upper right hand corner of the tarp, facing the house, what you see on top of the dirt is finely minced carrot. Reason being, I've incorporated the work of the underground and most of the vermipost that they've produced, over the course of the last four years. I've left some of the casting in the original habitat, for consumption from the second batch, still to be purchased. The goal of the tarp is for the worms that I have inhabited here, to multiply. I've undoubtably done that with the space that I've provided them. I'm serious in my endevours, in the here and now is where my life changes. All the labor intensive hours, I've put in to bring you flavor, via breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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