Hungry People Unite


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

VS 2, Its a really good read... DAMMIT!, I NEED A BEAT

What Brings you here REALLY, I know youve gotten wind of me, D'YOU forget my flow was KillaBee, an when da dust has settled you will clearly see. That there really neva was none as ILL as me. Etch that to ya memory Im goin nowhere soon, forewarned Im tellin you ya bout to meet ya doom. My cousins really stupedefied at how I spit these accapella, whoda thunk it comin from such a fine clever fella. Tap da bottle an Twizast the cizap, stuff da blunt an spizark da splizaff. Now I'm inside my head no noise from da riftraft, plus thats how get down when I hizone da crizaft.  Youve entered into battle beatin down youll be fractured, I told you comin back herr you'da aughtoawannabeen mastered.

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