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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

With Plans for Growth.

I am starting out with 285 sq. ft. Pretty good start. More than likely, before anything goes into the ground, here in the next week and a half, or so, I may use some of my time in extending about another 41/2'(10:05 pm 6/07/11 more thought process, maybe 6 feet all the way around), each way in the bed. That would give me, serving my community, fresh vegetation, out of 458.25 sq. ft.,(837 sq ft), by harvest time, I'm hoping to have in my possesion, a canner and some jars.
Also don't be mislead as to what you see in this pic, I know you're probably looking, you see no fence, and thinking critters. But, if I'm telling you, what it is that you're asking, then know, that I myself have had this idea from around month 8 of this whole thought process. I'm beginning first by combating the burrowing rodents, rabits, gophers, weasles... if weasles burrow, they won't be coming at the roots of my system. The overall goal is taking shape and coming to fruition. Upon the completion of bed exstention, I will have purchased a couple of different items, for smoothing out the bed, spacing out my rows, and oh Yeah!!, protecting my crops at the initial investment. The seasons weather, and the work of the underground, have done a double team on the seeds = Vermipost: BIGGER, STRONGER, FASTER!!!

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